My name’s Fiona and… and i’m noisy… and unconventional.

When my now-husband, Steve, proposed to me in December of 2016, I insisted that we immediately went out and saw the most extravagant wedding venues I could find, with huge orangeries. Upon finding one, that I’m definite was way out of the budget that we hadn’t even assessed yet, and half way across the country, we found out that they had a reduced-price date in less than 5 months, which we referred to as “our wedding day” from that point on.

Middle of the week, half way across the country, OHH; Let’s hope someone turns up!

I like fun – I like impulsive decisions – I like really getting involved in getting to know other people and capturing them in a way others can’t.

When I’m not taking photographs or doing all that comes with it, I enjoy keeping fit and baking, often making cakes out of multiple recipes morphed together, as a single recipe never feels like enough naughtiness! I used to be into bodybuilding but now find myself really enjoying a 50/50 split of traditional gym and yoga – on that note, Yoga Christine is awesome, if you’re interested in giving yoga a go, you need her in your life!

When I asked my best friend Kirsty for a fun one-liner about myself, this is what I got:

  • An alpaca once spat into my mouth

Now, it’s your turn… please contact me and let me know how you found yourself on my website ☺ Maybe you’ll even end up with some awesome photos!

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The boring stuff

  • I’ve been a photographer for over 10 years.

  • I hold an Extended National Diploma in photography (Triple Distinction), which I studied full time for 2 years to achieve.

  • I’m a Canon photographer.

  • Prime lenses are my all-time favourites, although I’m madly in love with my new wide-angle at the moment.

  • Adobe Lightroom is life.

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