My name’s Fiona and… and i’m noisy… and unconventional.

When my (now-)husband, Steve, proposed to me in 2016, I insisted that we immediately went out to view the most extravagant wedding venue I could find, with a huge orangery, in Somerset.

Upon visiting, we somehow ended up booking our wedding for 5 months time.

…Middle of the week… half way across the country… Let’s hope someone turns up!

I like fun.

I like impulsive decisions.

I like getting to know people in a way that means I can capture them like others can’t.

I like talking.

When I asked my best friend Kirsty for a fun one-liner about myself, this is what I got:

  • An alpaca once spat into my mouth

This, of course, is absolutely true. Yes, there is a video.

Now, it’s your turn… please contact me and let me know how you found yourself on my website ☺ Maybe you’ll even end up with some awesome photos!

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The boring stuff

  • I’ve been a photographer for over 10 years.

  • I hold an Extended National Diploma in photography (Triple Distinction), which I studied full time for 2 years to achieve.

  • I’m traditionally a Canon photographer but recently began a migration to Sony Mirrorless photography.

  • Prime lenses are my all-time favourites.

  • Adobe Lightroom is life.

  • Having recently switched to a camera body with Bluetooth, I’m obsessed with how awesome it is that I can transfer my images and edit on the go… Technology, eh!

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