Reece and Skylar's Post-Harvest Sibling-Shoot

There’s nothing I love more than outdoor family photo sessions!

The weather is really interesting at the moment, one day super-wet, the next is like a heat wave. I actually read online that some farmers had to put back their harvest due to the inconsistencies. On this day, we had muggy overcast.

I worked 3 key styles into these photos, based on 3 key sets of lighting during our shoot. I mention this because most photographers work from presets, which is something I don’t do. Each different type of lighting, each different location, I edit specifically for it. Steve turned to me the other day and said “It’s a shame that people don’t see the care and energy you put into every shoot you do, colour matching and editing each set of images uniquely”.

Images taken at: Bozeat Countryside, Northamptonshire

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