AJ and Becca in Wonderland

Becca and AJ’s Wedding at Bisham Abbey was extremely unique, with an Alice in Wonderland theme and historic setting. The building, which was once home to Henry VIII, had a beautiful charm which really made the couple’s ideas come to life. The theme was executed with great class and consistency across the rooms, featuring home grown plants, fairy-lit dining, a mad-hatter’s tea party and unique centrepieces at each table, each based on a unique character.

Having met at Uni, a number of old friends were present with charming stories of how Becca and AJ met, how they awkwardly met each other’s families and of course, all of the stories you hope don’t make it out on your wedding day that love to do so.

One of my favourite moments had to be during the ceremony when Becca’s father was asked if he gave her hand and he replied “Becca does not need my consent, she can make her own decisions” which, I felt, quite bluntly showed his trust in his daughters opinion always, and the partner she had chosen.

Venue: Bisham Abbey, Buckinghamshire

Shot with: Drew Webb Weddings