The Hallett's Spring Wedding at Chicheley Hall

I have to say, Ollie and Rachel’s wedding may have, potentially, been one of my favourite Weddings to photograph to date. I always find myself thinking back to it when I’m planning Weddings with clients, as a natural, personal and stunning Wedding - without any fuss. I know it really is a bold statement, because every Wedding is so unique, meaning they’re hard to compare and each one is my favourite in it’s own way.

I’ll try to put into words why I wanted to share Ollie and Rachel’s gallery with you…

Key pillars of appreciation…

  • The colour scheme (navy dresses and suits, spring bouquets).

  • The bride, Rachel (lipstick, dress, hair, all epic!).

  • The geeky touches (note the Lego cake, Inky from Pac-Man doing the rounds and the amazing hand-made favours).

  • The location (Chicheley Hall in Buckinghamshire).

  • The dancing, of course!

  • Working with Drew Webb Photography (these are always my favourite Weddings!)

I’ll let you judge for yourself!

Click on the images below if you’d like to see them full screen: